What We Do

Research - We prayerfully carry out research by gathering secret information on the environment, geography and historical background of a people or tribe.

Prayer walk - we travel to specific areas for example, unreached people groups, praying over the region and commanding the land to yield to the gospel.

Missions Outreaches - We have three outreach teams (One of the Outreach teams is based in the South- East of Nigeria and the other two teams are operational in the North- West of Nigeria), We also have one outreach team that is operating in Niger Republic, We also have a one outreach team that is operating in Burkina Faso. There are various Ministries that have outreach teams that we are partnering with in the area of providing financial and material support that carry out media outreaches every month both in Nigeria and the following West African Francophone Countries of Niger Republic, Burkina Faso, Mali, Cote D’Ivoire, Benin Republic and Togo.

Mission Seminars - We also carry out Mission seminars in several cities of Nigeria, where we create awareness of Missions and share presents statistics and Global Trends

Missionary Churches - Why are they called missionary churches? The Missionary Churches are so called because they are Churches that were started after a missionary effort that followed the process of Research, Prayer walk, Open Air Gospel Outreaches – (media outreaches) and then Church Planting. We have planted churches which have been given to several denominations. Presently the following Churches are under the Supervision and Control of Zion

They include the following;

Zion Church Tsamaye, Sabon Birni LG Sokoto State, Zion Church Shirikei, Bukkuyyum LGA Zamfara State, Zion Church Ungwan Dansadau, Bangi LG Niger State, Zion Church Farinruwa, , Bangi LG Niger State, Zion Church Algamusu Bangi LG Niger State Zion, Zion Church Bauna, Bangi LG Niger State, Zion Church Kurgi, Bangi LG Niger State, Zion Church Mekenkeme Bangi LG Niger State, Zion Church Makera(Tadurga) Zuru LG Kebbi State ,Zion Church Dogongada, Sakaba LG Kebbi State, Zion Church Kagita, Sakaba LG Kebbi State, Zion Church Fadama Dudu, Zuru LG Kebbi State, Zion Church Magaba, Danko Wasagu LG Kebbi State, Zion Church Gwunja, Danko Wasagu LG Kebbi State Zion Church Kagita, Sakaba LG Kebbi State Zion Church Kumuniya, Guidan Roumdji LG Maradi State Niger Republic , Zion Church Nkommoro Ezza Ishelu L.G.A, Ebonyi State, Zion Church Kullumbutai Guidan Roumdji LG Maradi State Niger Republic ,Zion Church Dargue , Guidan Roumdji LG Maradi State Niger Republic ,Zion Church Doumana, Guidan Roumdji LG Maradi State Niger Republic, Zion Church Kagandama, Guidan Roumdji LG Maradi State Niger Republic, Zion Church Kulluwa, Dakoro LG Maradi State Niger Republic, Zion Church Dakoro, Dakoro LG Maradi State Niger Republic, Zion Church Bakoba, Dakoro LG Maradi State Niger Republic.


Zion World Prayer and Missions holds specialized meetings that targets specific classes of people and addresses various issues peculiar to them and which often cannot be accommodated within weekly Church services.

Days of Destiny: Days of destiny is a Holy Spirit Anointed service where the word is taught, prophetic utterances are made, revelations are received and souls are saved, bodies are healed and demons are cast out. Destines are impacted with life and vitality, so that believers can move forward and reach fulfilment. Intercession is made over territories to dislodge satanic manipulations. Cities where days of destiny take place are AWKA, ENUGU, ABUJA, GUSAU, BIRNIN KEBBI, PORT HARCOURT & BENIN.

Business Meeting: We teach biblical business principles and divine prosperity to believers and pray over their businesses. This meeting aims at teaching believers that they can stay righteous and still prosper tremendously in this crooked world. We run monthly business meetings across the various states of Nigeria viz Sokoto, Kebbi, Gusau, Enugu, Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt for the purpose of raising and empowering believers who would become wealthy, and use their wealth to support the kingdom work, especially missions.

Singles Meeting: Like never before in history, the times we are in is characterized by Satan’s onslaught against the home and marriages where marriages scatter soon after they begin. In these meetings, we teach singles what it takes to make marriage work and invoke the power of God to keep homes and marriages.

Ministers' Summit: A meeting put together for Ministers to encourage and sharpen other Ministers of the Gospel.


In Zion, we believe that missions can only be effective where intensive, consistent, prophetic and spiritual warfare are done. Therefore we participate in the following prayer programmes: -

Weekly Prayers: We mobilize the part of the body of Christ in Nigeria and other parts of the world to hold All night prayers every Friday from the hours of 11pm- 2am

(1) Prophetic prayers – We adopt particular Nations and enterprises and pray for them according to revelations given to us by the spirit and historical findings

(2) Prayer walk over territories: we travel to specific areas for example, unreached people groups, praying over the region and commanding the land to yield to the gospel.

(3) Prayer Tours: We travel round states in Nigeria praying over to cities and destroying satanic strongholds and establish the reign of Christ

4) European Prayer Tours: - We travel specific countries like Holland, Germany, Brussels, Paris and Rome, since they hold a great impact over Africa.

(5) Francophone African prayer tours: The Francophone African Prayer Tour is one of the outreach programs of Zion World Prayer and Missions. The vision for it was birthed after the first visit to some of the countries in 2002. While going round, we observed that there is a dearth of the undiluted word of God, as well as abject poverty amongst the believers. This led us to begin annual outreaches to those regions. We travel francophone African countries, empower ministers, distribute gospel materials and pray over the nation since they appear to be the least. African countries are experiencing a deep level of poverty, a dehumanising poverty .The people are covenanted to living a loose life and living in iniquity .The land is rich in resources that have not yet been tapped. While on the prayer tour: we do prophetic prayers for the land and people. We teach ministers on community transformation. We teach Business people on how to create wealth to finance the spread of the gospel. We give the people ministry materials like books and tapes to encourage the ministers. We give clothing materials and shoes.

Prayer Camps

We hold Prayer Camps especially during Easter, where the indigenous converts gather for retreat in Prayers and in depth Biblical Teachings.

Prayer and Missions Conference

We also hold annual Prayer and Missions Conference The programme is targeted at raising more Prayers for Missions, Missionaries, Nations, Government and Individuals. The Conferences hold in the following cities and countries; Abuja- Nigeria Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso Maroua- Cameron


Zion College of Missions

The Zion College of Missions is structured so as to carry out specialized training that focuses on the peculiarity of the unreached with in the 10/ 40 window. Most missionary and theological trainings in many parts of Africa are doctored in the western style which is somewhat ineffective in reaching the unreached of the 10 40 window primarily because of differences in worldviews. The College of missions is located in Dogon Gada Sakaba LG Kebbi State Subjects taught are; Research Methodologies, Missions, Evangelism, Church Planting, Finances, Demonology,Discipleship,Health and Hygeine, Women Ministry among other Subjects

Leadership School -

The leadership school is where potential leaders are taught, mentored and groomed to occupy leadership positions and become change makers in whatever field of endeavour they find themselves. It runs in the following cities of Nigeria, Enugu, Abuja, Birnin Kebbi, Gusau and Sokoto Syllabus will treat the Dynamics of leadership, Pathway way to Leadership, Obstacles, Community, development, personal edification and the concept of Nationhood to mention a few. Budget dynamics, leading with cabals in mind

School of Ministry-

We run a school of ministry where potential pastors, missionaries, church workers are trained and equipped for the work of the ministry. It runs in the following cities of Nigeria, Enugu,Abuja, Birnin Kebbi, Gusau and Sokoto The Syllabus will treat; Gifts, Callings, Communicating the Gospel, Ministry platform, The Old Testament, The Intertestamental period, The New testament, Church history, The Revivals