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Monday, 31-October-2022, 2:08:53 am  
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Coming from somebody house then they can give put money also, but if they don’t put money is okay, so when this politician are gathering and eating anticipate to show them that you are there, you will come with an evidence that you attended that meeting, they will give you money you too you will not want to collect it but go there, if they give you money if you collect it and you don’t want to spend it for yourself, go and donate it to a hospital, donate it to prison yard, if it’s big money use it to do the road that the government has refuse to do since does that makes sense? Yes! That’s the way to go so, politics is a process by which you bargain, you compete, it’s a process of competition, competition that’s politics.
The goal is that somebody wants to controls another, if we don’t participate your absence is a plus to Satan, I will say that again, your absence is an advantage to Satan, everywhere the sons is not, you have opened the door to worms, I wi.ll say it again, anywhere there is no sons’ worms are permitted to go there. So, we withdrawing from politics is a deficit for us, look at house of representatives look at what they are doing there, look at senate, all this plane crash that they say they will investigate not one investigation had been published now, so there is a problem going on there! Everybody who is complaining about the state of Nigeria and you are not in government, you are complaining because you gave the right to be in government to other people, if you want things to change why don’t you enter? That’s our invitation.
So in politics, many Christians cannot do politics why? Because in your church there is no politics there, so you don’t understand politics, your pastor dictate everything stand up everybody stands, sit down everybody sit, clap your hand everybody clap their hand, there is no politics, it’s the spirit of God, so when you go out to politics there is no possibilities of success so, w.e need to orientate ourselves, start preparing yourself what you we meet in politics is not what you will meet in church, start thinking of the other world, start thinking of something different from what you are used to seeing, is that making sense to you? That’s the way!
Now, why are we in politics because we have a responsibility from God, the assignment that God had given to us is over the world. He said have dominion over the world, I want to read psalm 49:14 like sheep they are laid in the grave; death shall feed on them; The upright shall have dominion over them in the morning; (the upright shall have dominion over them in the morning) And their beauty shall be consumed in the grave, far from their dwelling. Psalm 49:14 The righteous will have victory, dominion, and government over them, bible says that every human being “like a sheep they laid in the grave, death shall feed on them, this is the second part, the upright shall have dominion over them in the morning. So., every human being has two section of life our life is divided into two, your morning time is when you are alive, your evening time is when you died, so when you die the bible say death will be the one in charge but when you are alive, who will be in charge? The upright, that means before anybody died, he should enjoy the ministry of government from the upright now the time of your morning when the upright is in charge of your life it should show when you die, how will it show? Do you see what he says, what will consume in the grave! you see beauty! So, in your morning when you are alive who should do the government over you? The upright, if the upright is in the government over you how will your life look? You are not answering me, beautiful! So that when you die even death will have something to enjoy, do you understand? Even death is waiting to enjoy beauty from you but how will the beauty comes only when the upright is in government, if the upright is not in government people will. be ugly and the grave will not have anything to enjoy, the grave too is waiting for its own benefits so, when the righteous is in government people will flourish, they will be beautiful so that when they die even the grave will have somethings to enjoy, so our ministry, our responsibility, is going to impact people when they are alive and then affect them even when they die, so our ministry does not end on earth, our ministry does not end when the person is dead, because even at death, death have somethings to enjoy but there is no way people will be beautiful if the righteous is not in government, the bible say where the righteous is ruling, what will people do? People rejoice but when the wicked is ruling, people weep, people mourn, that’s what is happening to us now with all the wealth in Nigeria, with all the abundance in Nigeria, we are living like poor people there is no beauty because the righteous are not entering into government that’s why one of those politician will sta.nd up there and lie and steal money, embezzle money, that’s why EFCC has work, the money they should have use to bless people and make people have beautiful life they have stolen it, EFCC is looking for them, then we hear story of that some people use to bury money in grave yard, some will go and hide money inside houses and then the money will beginning to be like durst, they don’t have a common sense to use money, do you know if you see somebody who is coming from America and you compare yourself and himself how will you feel? You feel inferior, the man will look fresh, that’s is because righteous laws are govern them. But if he comes and stay in Nigeria after two weeks what will happen? He will start looking like us, so we cannot build a nation, we cannot build beauty to a nation until we come into politics, that’s it.
Whichever way you want to participate, you are in Niger republic whichever way participate and we make a list for your number one: pray, begin to make .prayer for political activities, prayers for politicians, should be regular part of your life, your life will always go in the direction of your prayer, see the bible say pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper that love thee. So, it is the direction to which you pray, your life start going in that direction, harvest start coming to you in that direction why? Because you are sowing the seed of prayer, hallelujah. Amen! Prayer.
Number two: we have said over and over about voter’s card get your voters card, that one is basic. Anywhere you plan to go and vote, go and get voters card there.
Number three: irrespective of your profession register with a political party, irrespective whether you are a nurse, a student, a teacher, an engineer, the only person who cannot register is a pastor irrespective of who you are go and register, be a part of a party, see nobody ever comes into political leadership without party membership, you have to be a part of the party bef.ore you can be enlisted for leadership.
Number four: find any opportunity to serve your political party, any opportunity to serve, Jesus say the son of man has come to serve so go and serve, find something to do for them, now all of us are familiar with this don’t ever forget in your life that this world is about seed and harvest, this world is about seed and harvest, where you are not sowed a seed you are not due for harvest, where you are not sowed a seed you are not due for harvest, nobody will owe you if you have not planted a seed there, so find a way and sow seed there, find a way to serve people, serve your party, serve it.
Number five: seek leadership platforms, advertise yourself, make yourself available, let me tell you a short story; my son became the head boy of his school, he’s not a boarding student, he’s a day student he goes everyday to school, he’s not part of the majority tribe of that school, I almost discouraged him, I will tell him you cannot .win any election there, all those children will vote for their town people, they will vote for a boarding student, they won’t vote for you oh because you don’t know what they are suffering, he left, he said he will go to cybercafé, he was designing posters, he wrote manifesto, he put his picture there, he will be campaigning, he will be talking in the house is campaigning because me I don’t like to see failure, so I didn’t follow them, they said we should buy meat pie, coke, if you campaign won’t you give people something too? So, I say okay so bukky will follow, bukky was the campaign manager and they went there and they campaign, they recorded it and they campaign and share things. Do you know when the committee meet and choose the head boy they choose him, you know he tells me even you, you don’t have faith for the things you are saying, I say no oh, you don’t understand. Present yourself for leadership platform, let me tell you one of the things that gave me insight .into that election, one of the teachers he came to me and told me, he said if half of the children of this school looks like your son, he said our problem will reduce by 50%, so I know he had impacted the teachers and they are the one who did the committee. So, present yourself for leadership, failure is not a personality it wont live with you forever, if you fail in primary school doesn’t mean you will fail in secondary school, yes! If you fail last year, it doesn’t mean you will fail this year, a woman can have miscarriage last year and got pregnant this year, so offer yourself for leadership. They mention a position, you say you can try it, let me tell you the mistake in our mind, there was a young man in the bible I like the boy you know he allow childishness to affect him in the future but generally I like him apart from the childishness that affected him in the future, his fathers animal ran away then the father told him go and find the asses and he went with a servant this y.oung boy he was determined he began to explore places after they have search and search and search the places he told the servant, he said servant I’m responsible! You, you are a servant your destiny is not important, me my life is important, I am more important than those animals, my father will be looking out for me now let’s go back the servant said yes sir, but before we go there is a prophet around here, that young boy didn’t need a prophet because his life was stable, his life was prosperous its people who are suffering who need prophets, do you understand? The person that is healthy will he goes to prophet? The person that is prosperous will he go to a prophet? Its does who are broke who don’t know what to do that goes to prophet now, my father never went to any prophet, expect he will go and bless them with money, he was healthy, his business was prosperous, its beggars who goes to prophets, you know why Neman went to the prophets because you are sick, if he wasn’t will he go there? So the boy said you know we are have problem, we know prophet, there is a prophet here, he said o ya lets go, then the boy said but (I like that boy very responsible) he said no, if I go to the prophet what will I give him, he was thinking of how to bless a prophet with an offering and then the servant said but I have some change, he say let us go as they were going to the prophet the spirit of the Lord came upon the prophet and guess what? The Lord said the king of Israel is here and the prophet said to him welcome, the asses you are looking for has been found but now our agenda is no longer on asses, the agenda is on you, you are going to be the first king of Israel, I thought the boy will say prophet wait oh, can you go and tell my father or let me go and pray about it, you know if any of you here, they say come and becomes a commissioner you will say please let me go and talk to my pastor, P.J they want to make me a commissioner should I go? That’s our, we are always waiting to go, let me go and pray about it, come and be the manager of this office let me go and pray about it excuse me what have you been doing all your life, have you been sleeping? All the prayer you have been praying all these years, you still want to go and pray again.
I’m talking about destiny in the morning, I preach it this morning, tomorrow morning I will continue so you need to come and here the message of destiny if they ask you now to come and become special assistance to Buhari, I will say let me go and pray about it? No! I don’t have to go and pray about it I know that the bible says that only the upright who has dominion will create beauty even for people until they died, I have read it in my bible. So, I don’t need to go and pray about it, its already the will of God, its already the agenda of God, He said thy kingdom come, thy will be done where? On earth! As it is in heaven, this is my conclusion, excuse me sir who do you think will do the will of God? The wicked or the righteous? The righteous, and you are not there, you are not there, you are not there, so what we need to do now is to start claiming to be there, when is the next election? Two more years, let me tell you what I’m doing personally, I wrote a book, I sent it to America, my professor edited it now they will print it, the title of the book is Christian in politics, my professor changed it, he said the Nigerian Christian and politics, The Nigerian Christians and politics so, that book I will preach from state to state on politics and distribute the books that’s what me I will be doing, if the book is ready next month, we will did the conference in Sokoto, we will do one in Kebbi, Abuja, Lagos is ready, two places in Lagos want to host it, we did Yola last year but Yola said we should come back, we did Benue last year, katsina ala say we should come back, me that’s what I want to do, you! What do you want to do between now and that time, now I will .take your questions and then we will pray.

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